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Intern teaching

Intern teaching happens both formally (on Tuesday and Friday afternoons) and informally in operating theatres and Edendale Intensive Care Unit. The intern rotation through the department is very well structured and includes introductory sessions in the simulation centre, with hands-on workshops involving a high-tech simulator model, various airway equipment and mannikins, and even mannikins to practice neuraxial techniques. Please click           to visit the "Interns" page, or follow the tabs from the "Information" page.  


Diploma in Anaesthesia

The department has built an excellent reputation for training and preparing candidates for the diploma in anaesthesia. Candidates are taken through an extensive practical and academic program, with dedicated time to attend lectures at either Greys or Edendale Hospitals on Wednesday afternoons (see roster alongside). In addition, mock OSCE sessions are arranged before the exams to ensure that all candfiates are well prepared and know what to expect. The program is currently organised by Dr Guy Henderson, and the group representative is Dr Caroline Kane.


FCA Part 1

The FCA part 1 program is organised in PMB by Dr Riaan van Zyl. A number of specialists contribute to this program and some are also involved as CMSA examiners. The tutorial program runs over 12 months and covers a variety of the required topics from physics, pharmacology, and physiology. Tutorials take place on a Friday afternoon at Greys Hospital, and quarterly assessments are held, with feedback and marks for the candidates, to help assess progress.


FCA part 2

The FCA part 2 program currently runs in Durban and is organised by Dr Nicky Kalfatis. The program consists of lectures, vivas, and clinical cases. Practice essays are also distrubuted and marked by the consultants involved in the training program. These all take place on a Monday afternoons at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital, in the Department of Anaesthesiology. More detail can be found by clicking           or by following the link to the UKZN Anaesthetics website on our "Links" page.


Critical Care Fellows


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